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Bellvalley's Puppy Programme

What is Bellvalley's Puppy Programme All About?

Bellvalley's Puppy Programme is a structured programme based on Jane Killion's Puppy Culture Programme from the USA. The programme produces quality, free-thinking puppies that are easy to train (using positive reinforcement techniques) and have an understanding of how to communicate and live with us.


The Puppy Programme raises puppies to be healthy, happy, enrichment seekers. The aim is to create puppies who enjoy challenges, bounce back from stress and are ready to take on the big wide world. 


Right from day one we set our puppies up for success, from Early Neurological Stimulation to problem solving and training exercises, everything we do has a huge impact on the puppies’ future. By following the Programme we rear puppies who think for themselves and seek out enrichment and stimulation right through their lives. New puppy owners will be expected to continue with the puppy’s enrichment and maintain an appropriate level of training using techniques void of intimidation.


What Makes a Bellvalley Puppy Different from the Rest?

Animals raised in an enriched, stimulating environment have been scientifically proven to cope better with stress, have larger brains, be more easily trained and more emotionally stable. Rearing animals in such a way is called the ‘Enrichment Effect’ and for this reason we provide each and every puppy with appropriate socialisation, stimulation, training and problem solving challenges. More information about the ‘Enrichment Effect’ can be found HERE.


By buying one of our Bellvalley Puppies you agree to continue to enrich your puppy’s life through positive training experiences and stimulation.

You also agree:

  • to never use a choke chain or prong collar

  • to never use a shock or spray collar

  • to train using non-violent, non-confrontational methods

  • to attend appropriate puppy training classes, which we can help advise you on.


A puppy raised following this Enrichment Programme may not be for everyone, Bellvalley puppies have a huge desire to learn and seek out stimulation. So if you are looking for a quiet, non-interactive dog then one of our puppies is not for you and you will be better off finding a puppy from another quality breeder.

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